Saturday, 11 March 2017

Stranger Things

Oh man, I thought I posted this up but apparently I hadn't..

I've started watching Stranger Things (and by that I mean I watched all 8 eps in 2 nights and suffered for it.) And its' flipping amazing!!! It actually got me drawing for the joy of it. And I thought, hey why not show you how different it became from my prelim.

Now usually my line-art is poop. 99% of the time is because I do it quickly and I do it rushed. Life as a storyboard artist makes you aware of how precious your drawing time is hah. Usually the longest I spend on a single pose at work is 30 secs, so I wanted to try and chuck that out for a bit.

I like to think it helped, this has to be one of the better drawings I've done in recent months thought my colour choosing ability is still as helpful as safety scissors but oh well.


My friend Megan has the coolest coats.

On another note how is it 2017!?