Saturday, 28 November 2015

Pigtails and Scavenger hunts

I forgot I was dressed like a 12 year old today to do my groceries.  Took me a moment to realise why I was being stared at (and being banged at through a shop window but whatever) 

Anyway! Update!  :- D I'm no longer a trainee at work! I'm also constantly tired recently. Thus.. less posts. But, you know I love you all regardless right? Sure you do.

In the space of time I didn't blog I did my usual things. Getting lost on public transport, trying to scavenger hunt art down in a crazy Global scavenger hunt. Overdose on coffee at London Bridge station, the usual.

Sadly I didn't manage to get an art piece, although I tragically managed to get there just as they were picking it up.  (The second time I ran past the hiding spot, the sky weeped for me.)

So! It was V for Vendetta, I'd been refreshing the Hunt page occasionally when I was waiting for my computer to save stuff. Suddenly! The hint for the hunt was up.

I fled work after panicking and working out where it was with fellow storyboarder Chess (with permission of course, my producer is mint) Legging it onto a tube to St Bartholomew's.

As I got there, there was a guy stood in the entrance of the little church parcel in hand. I didn't want to stare to much...I probably did though


In seriousness I really enjoyed partaking, I had a chat with the gentleman who had found the art and congratulated him before heading back to work as it if I hadn't ran across North London like a crazy person. It was great.

But to commemorate the fun I did draw myself a consolation doodle so I wouldn't forget my adventure (because I was running around London at like 10pm a few nights later for the same cause like the rebel I am.)