Saturday, 10 October 2015

Knock Knock

So! Recently I was asked to do some illustration work for a friend. Where I was born has a beautiful cathedral, and with that comes the sanctuary knocker. As the name suggests, any one who knocked on the cathedral door and claimed sanctuary would be allowed into the wall and to safety.  Its beautiful but a bit creepy. As a kid I always thought if it ever were to be a real head it would of eaten me in a second.  

This is what I was asked to create, finishing off the edging it occurred to me it would make an amazing creature.

So I figured why not right? Already illustrated it once, why not try and base a character off it?
I've posted the process below. 

Rough Clean ups
Colour base

Cleanup Last round

Final Colour

To be honest the 3rd version is probably my favourite, Just because it's probably the clearest, but! This is what this is about, just gotta push things and pull them back when you can..

Anways! I love the oxidisation of the metals on the original, so that stayed with but I've kept it very loosely based, blockier I guess, because it feels like it would be a heavy creature.

Till next time!