Sunday, 1 March 2015

Gerroffa ma Lawn!

Ah! The joys of briefs! The sadness of not getting them complete until after the flipping deadline.

Thankfully this brief was for fun however, so while I'm sad I didn't get to enter it wasn't the end of the world. It also happened to be over an incredibly busy week for me! So even working in my free time, there wasn't much free time to work with :'/

Anyway! I had to design an old man with the aim that he'd be able to dance and throw crazy shapes. I went through a few design before settling one of these two.

I always worry my character designs look the same so! I do try and shake things up where I can (not that this could be called shaken up haha.)

Here's probably what I'd of entered if I'd gotten done on time!! Whether it would of been chosen is another matter I guess, but it was nice to draw something different. I call him Wallace and in him is a spirit meant to dance. You can see where I've touched him up from his line art and from his initial sketches too!  haha~

"Gerroffa mah Hip hoppity lawn gosh darn it!"