Friday, 27 February 2015

Fox with a triangle

You don't hear from me for ages and then you get inundated with sketches! Daily Doodle from my Twitter . :-)

Next update will probably be research drawings.

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Shape and Energy doodles from last year just before my move! Featuring my lovely cat Chico.

Sunday, 22 February 2015


Hello! Firstly Thank you for staying with me despite the massive break in updates =)

Its basically due to moving to the opposite end of the country. Anyway I'll rewind and explain whats happening in my personal life so this all makes sense.

In November multiple things happened, I had finished updating my site as suggested in my last post (which you can see here)  So it's looking a lot better than my old one :) hooray!

I also went to the Bradford Animation festival with Sunderland University students and saw some fantastic work.

It also saw me hailing in a new job, which excitingly enough is in storyboarding! I now work for Blue Zoo as a trainee. How neat is that!? Anyway, if your not too certain storyboarding involves taking the script or pitching ideas in visual dialogue. Aka drawn up panels with layout.

Although London's a little overwhelming I love the studio and the people, and the show's so cool! Miffy is airing internationally so hey, maybe some of you few readers with tiny human's might even catch one of the episodes I've worked or rev'd on? The team behind it are all very talented. Anyway basically I'm super grateful and can't go into much detail as of now (maybe once things are cleared? Who knows)

So far in my near 3 month stay here I've managed to go to a WIA (Women in Animation) workshop and see a talk on Big Hero 6 by Zach Parrish. Both were phenomenal.

The WIA workshop was an introduction on communication in the work place and how to do so effectively. It was also a great place to meet some really interesting people.

The Big Hero 6 talk was completely unexpected. I booked myself onto a waiting list for SIGGRAPH 2015 talk (Thanks SIGGRAPH!) and apparently someone super kind was looking down on me because i got a ticket in. Mr Parrish was a really good speaker and seemed very humble, and very helpful in understanding the work and the technology that went into the film. Inspiring :)

I'd love to put some of my stuff up properly but I think I've passed my limit and you've probably stopped reading by now. SO! Till next time, heres a Daily Doodle I did today for the #Goliath tag...