Sunday, 26 October 2014

Web Fox

Currently round everything else I've been updating my website, its been about a year and I haven't touched it since my friend did the html. Mostly because I needed to completely strip and remake it, my original design was rough and panicky as I'd just got out of university and I'd done it honestly in part with that so its not doing justice anymore. 

I've been using Muse recently so I've finally started to build up my site again and as I'm almost there (only portfolios to fill up!) I thought I'd pop up some animation that I've got going on in the front page! Muse is really good for me as a designer, I kind of hated it at first but it has a lot of cool widgets you can input to your site which is super helpful, especially if your me and coding seems horrifying.

i'm also sticking this here because  I've used guides and I know some of my students sometimes peek at my blog ovo ' 


Heres the toonboom animation, I like using toonboom because its fast to animate in.

I took that rough animation and pulled it into Photoshop, this took forever, mostly because I was getting used to using photoshop for animation and because I didn't redraw in toonboom! I could of saved myself some pain there I think. You can see my guides for the head and very faintly how I've sorted the perspective out in my second draw. 

Finally! heres the finished animation, I've made it too loop and look like its hitting off the buttons I have on screen. It was nice to use Photoshop because I could use a textured brush which I'm unable to do in my version of Toonboom.

Thanks for checking it out! New website will probably be up about midweek, hopefully doing a better job than my current one!

Saturday, 25 October 2014


Hallo again,

I came to the startling revelation recently that i've never really formally understood colour in context to light. I mean of course, that I'm aware of it, it's part of life but in honesty before now I couldn't sit down and explain the light sources of an image or how they affect the colours and why. It's truly bugged me for a while as it's as if I'm painting or drawing with disregard to truly important factors and I really like to understand why I'm doing something.

My line of work right now tends to see me focus on a character or a design for commercial products. While i do work with colour and do take care,  the decisions are generally based on instinct and that doesn't mean I have to get why I've done it!

I'm going to try and correct that from now on.

I've been quite busy with freelance stuff and teaching right now, however here's some quick thumbnail practices I've managed to squeeze in recently.

This is a colour study in respect to a national geographic image. I tried to paint quickly and capture the feeling of mist. I wanted to capture the shadow in relation to the fading tint in the back. Small steps! It feels more liquid than tree but that may well be the brush I used..

Here's some tower blocks near the university where I lecture.. the photo taken on my handy phone.

This one was done after sitting down with a darn helpful book and I think it shows. It explained light sources and how the lighting affects an object, it also spoke about secondary light and how that reflects in the shadow. I'm not one to take photos a lot on my phone but when i'd been walking something about the composition and the shadows kind of struck me.

To me, compared to the top painting the second one is stronger if only because I've started to grasp why the shadow is that strength or how the building picked up a warm tint.

Its a small step but it's a step or two forward right?

Stay classy folks x