Thursday, 25 September 2014

Attic space 2010

I love when you find old projects, this piece was something I really enjoyed creating. I'd adore the chance to do more installation animation work if I could.

SO! This piece saw me sitting like a hermit in my attic, recording sounds compiling them and creating animation in response to the sound. It was incredibly fun to do. At the time of making this I'd crashed my trusty scooter and broken my wrist, unfortunately it was the hand I draw with so  I had to go back to basics and work with my other hand. Strangely enough I think this limitation actually benefitted me as I had to move away from my comfort zone in many ways.

Here is a diagram of how I set it up

thankfully I had a hand with the creation of the space, with plywood boarding the top half of my exhibition space and a mock floor allowing me to bring the abandoned and stored objects from my home and place them within to recreate the unnatural moments I captured. I even brought the dust! I also used these objects to hide the projector and speakers from view as it looped the animation onto the ceiling.

Here is the video that was playing…

You can catch a much better quality version here

Anyway! Blast from the past is over, this was my foundation art animation from 2010! I wish I'd managed to photograph it but we learn from mistakes I guess! Thank you for checking it out.