Monday, 25 August 2014

Dog sitting

I finally got round to drawing this (hooray for Bank holidays!) But I was asked very nicely to dog sit! 2 lovely whippets who I'd met before for short periods of time, so I was like no bother! 

I drove down and my mom came with to drive the car back. 
I thought it'd be cool to show her Jim and Fran.

 My mom was excited and decided to pop in very briefly

 Going in there was a moment of confusion

 I looked about and

 There was a 6 pack of Peanut Buttercups stern across the floor. 
Not one PB cup left and poo. So much poo.

They'd eaten all my chocolate (bought and left the night before)
And pooped it all out

My mom was just like... check the rest of the house.

Poo in the kitchen

The bean bag eaten and thousands of styrofoam balls in the living room.

Pee upstairs in their studio.


But she left as soon as she kindly told me I should pick up the poo with doggy bags.

What is my life.

I managed to clean it up, vacuum the living room and newspaper the pee

Fran (the dog who ate everything) looked up at me cutely

She paused

And hurled up in front of me

More cleaning

I went to follow the instructions left to let the dogs out
Jim trotted out no problem

Fran not so much.

Later on  I put a movie on my laptop

Using the now patched up bean bag

Jim even joined me!

Jim fell asleep and was lovely

But then I noticed it.

Fran was sat in the corner looking sadly at us

Come on! I felt so sorry for her and called her across.

She came over, 2 paws on the bean bag she looked me dead in the eyes..

and threw up straight in my lap. 

You honestly couldn't even make it up. I would still dog sit if I was asked, however hopefully this incident would never happen again. haha ;v;