Thursday, 31 July 2014

floating head

So messy! But I don't really care too much today, I was playing with some photoshop brushes and this little guy was the result. I like to reminisce on the days where I would draw a load of anime style stuff and throw it at deviantart with an absurd amount of enthusiasm. I really don't post a lot of my own work at the speed I used to anymore but I like to think that I've moved forward since then.

Friday, 11 July 2014


Dream time again! This one was on the usual level of odd, except a little more dangerous than usual

So I was in the dark, it was pitch black and I was walking somewhere

I could not see a thing and I was talking to someone but I can't remember who.

And then boom. It lit up like the 4th of July

Nearly took out dream me's eyes out, also dream me had a bamf little ponytail
(makes me slightly question if I was actually dreaming as me?)

Once my eyes adjusted I couldn't believe it!

I was in a flipping dungeon/ maze thing on a ledge. It was so cool.

It was huge this room that I'd entered and full of weird little paths.

I was just looking down in awe

yep a totally empty ro-


What was that?

I'm like 99% sure there's a dragon out there.

Anyway dream me promptly managed to fall into another room infront of another dragon and nearly got eaten. Whoops! ha

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tree research

What is this you cry? Easy, some research into colour and shape of trees. I'm looking into an app that would be set in Bangladesh and wanted to capture the flora and colour's. The final product is most likely going to be a lot more stylised as such,  I can show you this! :O 

I like to think doing stuff like this can really help in the long run, like I've come out of it with not only a headache but also a better understanding of the environment I'm trying to create. 

I do love some research! Painted in photoshop, with my notes haha~ 
Image-CSalkeld 2014

Nerd out.