Monday, 26 May 2014

No not the creepy voice!

Woah, its been a while! Lots of deadlines and freelance stuff (which is good!) But also less time to just draw for the sake of drawing.

Once again on the topic of dreams because hey why not! This one was really creepy, a string of many bizarre ones recently too..
So I'm walking through these woods, I've just come from a house or a party and I hit this crossroad.
 So I check up it as you do! And I was glad I did..
Because there was these 7-9 year olds riding down the hill like crazy people
so I'm all like woah like your going to hurt yourself!

Now this would be finished but I have to actually wake up tomorrow for work. The ending was basically this kid fell off the bike really hard and the rest ran away screaming, so I was left with this kid thinking she's dead. But! She isn't! Good news so I chase after the kids with her. Except I only get so far.

Suddenly this creepy little kid voice is shouting for help. I looked around and noticed a rug or tarp lying in the bushes and asked if she was there. "Yeah! Help please I'm under the tarp."

Except woah no theres a frick frackin' dead body with a pram and I'm not cool with that at all. 

So I woke up very confused and a little horrified. 

Night! Sleep tight haha~