Friday, 11 April 2014

NK News roughs

I did promise these forever ago so here we go! This is what I could find on hand. Just  a few of the initial sketches for NK News
This was when I was trying to adjust to Adam's style and how I wanted to draw Mina..

The initial sketch for an ad I did for the Facebook page sometimes I like the initial sketches better than the outcome </3

I really liked drawing this one, if only for the fact I very rarely draw dogs.. birds yes. cats yes. Dogs? Not so much. I try to do a little research into the topics I'm given to illustrate sometimes, like what kind of dog is native or what does the propaganda look like? I probably don't get it right half the time (creative license? ;) ) but its definitely helpful!

I want to do some colour studies soon, but I have an animated ad to board out first for someone! Exciting times