Friday, 11 April 2014

NK News roughs

I did promise these forever ago so here we go! This is what I could find on hand. Just  a few of the initial sketches for NK News
This was when I was trying to adjust to Adam's style and how I wanted to draw Mina..

The initial sketch for an ad I did for the Facebook page sometimes I like the initial sketches better than the outcome </3

I really liked drawing this one, if only for the fact I very rarely draw dogs.. birds yes. cats yes. Dogs? Not so much. I try to do a little research into the topics I'm given to illustrate sometimes, like what kind of dog is native or what does the propaganda look like? I probably don't get it right half the time (creative license? ;) ) but its definitely helpful!

I want to do some colour studies soon, but I have an animated ad to board out first for someone! Exciting times

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

April Cat

oh my word its been really long since an update! Many apologies but guess what? Its my birthday this month! Hooray ;)

Its been for a good reason though, lots of work. (Do you class that as good? I do I guess)

I've had a few things I wanted to post about but haven't got round to it and subsequently forgotten but here is a normal morning with me to re-start 2014!

Its kind of sweet but at the same very difficult to get anything done when a cat decides your are its property. 

So scribbly bleh.. in other news! I'll be popping up some of the NK NEWS roughs up next and maybe some scrapped ideas from work.