Sunday, 26 October 2014

Web Fox

Currently round everything else I've been updating my website, its been about a year and I haven't touched it since my friend did the html. Mostly because I needed to completely strip and remake it, my original design was rough and panicky as I'd just got out of university and I'd done it honestly in part with that so its not doing justice anymore. 

I've been using Muse recently so I've finally started to build up my site again and as I'm almost there (only portfolios to fill up!) I thought I'd pop up some animation that I've got going on in the front page! Muse is really good for me as a designer, I kind of hated it at first but it has a lot of cool widgets you can input to your site which is super helpful, especially if your me and coding seems horrifying.

i'm also sticking this here because  I've used guides and I know some of my students sometimes peek at my blog ovo ' 


Heres the toonboom animation, I like using toonboom because its fast to animate in.

I took that rough animation and pulled it into Photoshop, this took forever, mostly because I was getting used to using photoshop for animation and because I didn't redraw in toonboom! I could of saved myself some pain there I think. You can see my guides for the head and very faintly how I've sorted the perspective out in my second draw. 

Finally! heres the finished animation, I've made it too loop and look like its hitting off the buttons I have on screen. It was nice to use Photoshop because I could use a textured brush which I'm unable to do in my version of Toonboom.

Thanks for checking it out! New website will probably be up about midweek, hopefully doing a better job than my current one!

Saturday, 25 October 2014


Hallo again,

I came to the startling revelation recently that i've never really formally understood colour in context to light. I mean of course, that I'm aware of it, it's part of life but in honesty before now I couldn't sit down and explain the light sources of an image or how they affect the colours and why. It's truly bugged me for a while as it's as if I'm painting or drawing with disregard to truly important factors and I really like to understand why I'm doing something.

My line of work right now tends to see me focus on a character or a design for commercial products. While i do work with colour and do take care,  the decisions are generally based on instinct and that doesn't mean I have to get why I've done it!

I'm going to try and correct that from now on.

I've been quite busy with freelance stuff and teaching right now, however here's some quick thumbnail practices I've managed to squeeze in recently.

This is a colour study in respect to a national geographic image. I tried to paint quickly and capture the feeling of mist. I wanted to capture the shadow in relation to the fading tint in the back. Small steps! It feels more liquid than tree but that may well be the brush I used..

Here's some tower blocks near the university where I lecture.. the photo taken on my handy phone.

This one was done after sitting down with a darn helpful book and I think it shows. It explained light sources and how the lighting affects an object, it also spoke about secondary light and how that reflects in the shadow. I'm not one to take photos a lot on my phone but when i'd been walking something about the composition and the shadows kind of struck me.

To me, compared to the top painting the second one is stronger if only because I've started to grasp why the shadow is that strength or how the building picked up a warm tint.

Its a small step but it's a step or two forward right?

Stay classy folks x

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Attic space 2010

I love when you find old projects, this piece was something I really enjoyed creating. I'd adore the chance to do more installation animation work if I could.

SO! This piece saw me sitting like a hermit in my attic, recording sounds compiling them and creating animation in response to the sound. It was incredibly fun to do. At the time of making this I'd crashed my trusty scooter and broken my wrist, unfortunately it was the hand I draw with so  I had to go back to basics and work with my other hand. Strangely enough I think this limitation actually benefitted me as I had to move away from my comfort zone in many ways.

Here is a diagram of how I set it up

thankfully I had a hand with the creation of the space, with plywood boarding the top half of my exhibition space and a mock floor allowing me to bring the abandoned and stored objects from my home and place them within to recreate the unnatural moments I captured. I even brought the dust! I also used these objects to hide the projector and speakers from view as it looped the animation onto the ceiling.

Here is the video that was playing…

You can catch a much better quality version here

Anyway! Blast from the past is over, this was my foundation art animation from 2010! I wish I'd managed to photograph it but we learn from mistakes I guess! Thank you for checking it out.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

20/20 Encounters Festival 2014

Hello hello hello!

I apologise for being so quiet recently, I've been travelling! Well just down the country but it was a bloody long train journey thats for sure!

Last week, I partook in the Encounters 20/20 international festival.

(I now have a laurel on my film! How neat is that? )

How!? Well my graduate film Umbras was shown there which was an incredible honour as the festival was hosting some incredible films and some incredible animation too! I was pretty awestruck to be accepted.

If I could I'd share every one of the animation I managed to catch however I've be on all day so! Here's my run down of my very favourites!

This was the first animation we were graced with in the animation categories, and it was perhaps the perfect one to start with, it was beautiful, and fluid both in story and animation. I sat and just drank in the imagery and the colours. Wild ride start to finish.

Poker! By Mirai Mizue, I absolutely loved this music video, the sound and imagery fit together fantastically, I immediately had wanted to watch it again, it's so uplifting.

Simple clean and great gag's I don't think I could of disliked it if I tried! If you manage to get to a festival with this in you won't be disappointed.

This one tickled me, the character reminded me of a tic tac and the deadpan delivery of the comedy was gold, I felt it managed to connect with the audience. As a female I'll hopefully never experience baldness but I could understand the dilemma and how he got through it hah

I was incredibly lucky to also get to sit in on Glen Keane's Q&A, I could only sit and agree with everything he said, I always find the advice, or the inspiration that is shared so invaluable, this goes to all animators and artists, people that I've met. You should never close your eyes to sound advice and to the experience people can offer you. 

I would truly love to write about everything I saw, if you were at the festival let me know! I'd love to know what you thought and stuff. 

I'm back to my usual job now but the festival was a great break from the work schedule and I managed to meet some really nice and interesting people. It was great to have my work shown at such a large venue also! I'll be posting some art later on, I'm currently swamped with freelance work again.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Heres a bird.

Hello you folks! Good news, if you've travelled here from NK News pondering the Ask column I do believe you shall soon be in luck! That is all, unfortunately I have a lot of stuff I'd love to post up but can't right now due to, well its for other people! SO please feel free to check out the lovely if not slightly too large Ocho, a bird who is excellent shade on hot days. Perfect pet really haha.

I keep trying to practice where I can,  I know I lack in places with my drawing/ colouring so I'm trying my bed to improve it! I need to work on colour theory thats for sure, and lighting a scene.. You see some truly fantastic artists in that respect and then here I sit, all scribbles and half colours. 

Wish me luck! 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Dog sitting

I finally got round to drawing this (hooray for Bank holidays!) But I was asked very nicely to dog sit! 2 lovely whippets who I'd met before for short periods of time, so I was like no bother! 

I drove down and my mom came with to drive the car back. 
I thought it'd be cool to show her Jim and Fran.

 My mom was excited and decided to pop in very briefly

 Going in there was a moment of confusion

 I looked about and

 There was a 6 pack of Peanut Buttercups stern across the floor. 
Not one PB cup left and poo. So much poo.

They'd eaten all my chocolate (bought and left the night before)
And pooped it all out

My mom was just like... check the rest of the house.

Poo in the kitchen

The bean bag eaten and thousands of styrofoam balls in the living room.

Pee upstairs in their studio.


But she left as soon as she kindly told me I should pick up the poo with doggy bags.

What is my life.

I managed to clean it up, vacuum the living room and newspaper the pee

Fran (the dog who ate everything) looked up at me cutely

She paused

And hurled up in front of me

More cleaning

I went to follow the instructions left to let the dogs out
Jim trotted out no problem

Fran not so much.

Later on  I put a movie on my laptop

Using the now patched up bean bag

Jim even joined me!

Jim fell asleep and was lovely

But then I noticed it.

Fran was sat in the corner looking sadly at us

Come on! I felt so sorry for her and called her across.

She came over, 2 paws on the bean bag she looked me dead in the eyes..

and threw up straight in my lap. 

You honestly couldn't even make it up. I would still dog sit if I was asked, however hopefully this incident would never happen again. haha ;v;

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Spark and Sketches

I was on Spark FM yesterday talking about animation! How crazy is that? 2 radio stations in the space of 2 weeks, it's been nice to be able to plug my work and clients etc.

Anyway! Here's something I did for sketch dailies, I thought i should post it here also. Its mixed media, with traditional and digital mix. enjoy! It was fun to draw different character types.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Cliff Clearing Ad 2014

Hello! I've been busy recently but for a good reason! Here is the result of my hard work :)

This is Cliff the seagull, and seen as I can here's some of the work that went into the ad, and his creation.

It started off as 3 rough post it note ideas, I then polished them up a bit and popped them in storyboard pro! This allowed me to send some ideas through to my client, Sunderland university. 

They liked my third idea and we made the necessary changes, they were a great client to work for as they were really responsive and once we had the idea down knew where they wanted to take it.

I tried to keep it simple as I didn't have a big turnaround time for this project, this meant I needed to be able to produce the animation quickly.

So that led to trying to figure out how cliff should look

You can see in the finished ad its beak is straighter and its feet are more obviously webbed  but above are some of the different ways I was thinking of taking him. 

Last piece of background you get! haha, this was fondly done when I was trying to get Cliff to fly at the end, I was having a moment and every time I animated him straight he just looked like someone had snapped both his wings. I watch videos of seagulls flying and sat down for a bit trying to get it on paper first. It always seems to help! Oh and you can probably see what I was feeling at the time too hah.

Its doing quite well, so feel free to have a peep! I feel like theres some improvement, I got to explore different ways of pulling the animation together but I've got some improvement to do, not bad for doing it myself though!

I was on the radio about it too if you can believe it, with Capital Fm chatting about clearing, I'll be on Spark FM talking more about it as animation sometime this week so keep an ear out I guess!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

floating head

So messy! But I don't really care too much today, I was playing with some photoshop brushes and this little guy was the result. I like to reminisce on the days where I would draw a load of anime style stuff and throw it at deviantart with an absurd amount of enthusiasm. I really don't post a lot of my own work at the speed I used to anymore but I like to think that I've moved forward since then.

Friday, 11 July 2014


Dream time again! This one was on the usual level of odd, except a little more dangerous than usual

So I was in the dark, it was pitch black and I was walking somewhere

I could not see a thing and I was talking to someone but I can't remember who.

And then boom. It lit up like the 4th of July

Nearly took out dream me's eyes out, also dream me had a bamf little ponytail
(makes me slightly question if I was actually dreaming as me?)

Once my eyes adjusted I couldn't believe it!

I was in a flipping dungeon/ maze thing on a ledge. It was so cool.

It was huge this room that I'd entered and full of weird little paths.

I was just looking down in awe

yep a totally empty ro-


What was that?

I'm like 99% sure there's a dragon out there.

Anyway dream me promptly managed to fall into another room infront of another dragon and nearly got eaten. Whoops! ha