Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Step by Step

Sorry folks! I've had lots of cool stories to share but sitting down to draw them has been a challenge so bare with me.

I do have a step by step of some work I've done recently! Its rough but its a concept for a short film I'm working on currently so I'm just trying to flesh out ideas.
A really rough scribble, Starting off I decided I wanted to understand the bike I was going to be drawing.
I took my blob person and bike and tried to think about weight and shape but realised it was a very flat image..

So I tried to block it out, using the understanding I semi picked up in the previous drawing..
and once again fleshed it out
and flipped the image and looked at the shaping and weight.. but! I really found the left leg to look a little awkward..
So I made an alteration (I used to love riding my bike like this when I couldn't be bothered to mount it properly haha) and added some colours

and though of the shadows a bit more

 finally I altered the contrast and here we go, its not my best but I'm happy with it as an initial concept, I can work from this!