Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bus Stop

I spend an unfortunate amount of time on buses, and as such I felt I could probably share this recent experience with you all.

(I've had my hair chopped off since the last boards.. So! I finished work and had to get another bus from the usual. I knew which stop I needed and when to get there. No Problem!
Lo and Behold just as I left work What did I see?

The bus I needed of course! 5 minutes early and just about to pass the building.
Very unladylike I swore and the guy in front of me looked a little scared. But i really needed that bus!

Now I'm not going to lie, I can sprint pretty well, and I've raced buses before so I tried to remember how far the stop was and decided to go for it.

I shot past the guy in front who seemed bewildered.

I ran as hard as I could and hilariously

I could see the bus slow a little

and the bus driver was squinting at me as if he wasn't sure what was happening.

He pulled up at the stop 

and I caught my bus! And the driver seemed pretty impressed I had kept up.
Go me! haha It also seemed to have spurred the guy I passed because as I sidled up the aisle he kind of fell into the bus as well! Go him!