Friday, 25 October 2013


Hello! Its been a while, I've noticed a few people have come across from NK News so hello to you! I might put some of my first drafts for the images up for you lot later on.

Its been a while since I updated but I haven't been dozing (although that would be preferable at the moment) So expect a few updates.

Anywhoo I should explain whats coming up, I had a very detailed dream. as in when I woke up the imagery i saw in that dream was almost completely imprinted into the back of my eyes. it wasn't a nightmare just really odd.

All the colours were dimmed and I was cycling up some moors? I've never been there in my life. When I got to the top of this hill I remembered that I was there to see an old village but there was only 2 building of a modern farm. I was a bit disappointed and a disembodied voice told me to go on the trail round the back of the right building. I went round only to find a cliff face and the top of a church which was buried further below the hill. The cliff had logs rammed into a groove like a giants ladder but the bottom 2 were broken, making it impossible to see what was at the top.

The Church tower had a mucky window with a panel of glass missing, I skidded into it (like I was pulled from where I'd been stood) and looked in.

It was golden/earthy colours inside, and dust was hovering in murky clouds, picking up light from somewhere inside, it made me feel very uncomfortable.

I saw no one and then woke up to realise I'd slept in and had 15 minutes to get out the house and to work!

Weird huh?