Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ooh Spooky

Its nearly Halloween oooo~

Here you go! I doodled this the other day and popped it up to tumblr then realised I hadn't put it here either! So yeah, if you like Supernatural heres a pic from before 9x03 ripped my heart out slightly.

Coincidentally I mentioned it at the bus stop the other day and the woman in front of me nearly sprained her neck from whipping her head round so fast. Either she watches it or thought I was summoning devils in my spare time... oh well! (I don't fyi)

Monday, 28 October 2013


My beloved Wacom tablet was a traitor and died on me a little while ago, so I got a new one and did this! I really wanted to draw wings so here we are.


Friday, 25 October 2013


Hello! Its been a while, I've noticed a few people have come across from NK News so hello to you! I might put some of my first drafts for the images up for you lot later on.

Its been a while since I updated but I haven't been dozing (although that would be preferable at the moment) So expect a few updates.

Anywhoo I should explain whats coming up, I had a very detailed dream. as in when I woke up the imagery i saw in that dream was almost completely imprinted into the back of my eyes. it wasn't a nightmare just really odd.

All the colours were dimmed and I was cycling up some moors? I've never been there in my life. When I got to the top of this hill I remembered that I was there to see an old village but there was only 2 building of a modern farm. I was a bit disappointed and a disembodied voice told me to go on the trail round the back of the right building. I went round only to find a cliff face and the top of a church which was buried further below the hill. The cliff had logs rammed into a groove like a giants ladder but the bottom 2 were broken, making it impossible to see what was at the top.

The Church tower had a mucky window with a panel of glass missing, I skidded into it (like I was pulled from where I'd been stood) and looked in.

It was golden/earthy colours inside, and dust was hovering in murky clouds, picking up light from somewhere inside, it made me feel very uncomfortable.

I saw no one and then woke up to realise I'd slept in and had 15 minutes to get out the house and to work!

Weird huh?