Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mistaken identity.

Long time no draw! So I was in America a week or two ago (it was awesome) And today an event reminded me of something that happened while in LA

So were taking a cab around L.A. and this lovely old man was taking us about, he had a great accent and manner.

 So I was attempting to talk to him and answer questions etc while taking in everything along with my friend Joe
 He was so nice he started offering to take us to Pasadena for half price and wait for us while we finished visiting our first destination which was awesome and we both thanked him.
 "Its no problem, I do it, you remind me of my grandson."
 "You remind me of my grandson" He says jovially while maintaining direct  eye contact with me.
 I looked over at Joe hoping I'd heard wrong, but nope he was grinning and looking just as bewildered as me.
 This led to traumatic flashbacks of other instances
But it was really weird because I was wearing make-up and a dress and I'm a girl.

This was prompted by my dad today. He's been very unwell and is in hospital, so we went to visit him tonight. He was stood in the corridor and upon seeing me and my mum (badly as his eyesight is really bad right now) coming toward him He shouted for my mum. She greeted him and then he pointed to me and went "Whats that?"

I'll doodle some more of my trip at a later date. Ciao!~

Its a good thing I've got a sense of humour! haha