Friday, 28 June 2013


I had an awesome Wednesday, did you lot?

I went shopping in Newcastle for work clothes and a graduation dress. I feel my novelty t-shirt and jeans look isn't going to cut it, and I'm going to attempt smart casual, I will have to interact with clients for all over including Bloomsbury so I need to make a good impression!

Newcastle is awesome for a few reasons, a one of those is the comic shops, I was always more of a manga person till I started uni, and then I came to understand how much I limited myself using that style (don't get me wrong I do love it but its good to be flexible..) Anywho! My friends are big comic nuts and always go on about them so I decided to be adventurous.

I got Adventure time but! I got the Fiona and Cake ones as they're super awesome, I also got some Superior Spiderman which too was pretty neat.

I went to the Baltic (An Art gallery) and it had this really neat exhibition by Fabrice Hyber, a French born artist. I was absolutely blown away by his installation piece at the Baltic, the closest to taking Yoshitomo Nara's top place in my 'Baltic's best exhibitions' mental collection.

I think my favorite part was when you had to open up shacks and different elements happened, like the wind tunnel.

There was also a washing line piece, where he hung strips of cloth in rows with drawings and thoughts on them and you could run through it.

Despite being 22 I ran through it it quite a few times with my friends.

You can read more about the exhibition below :-)  < you can see more there about it~