Friday, 21 June 2013


I can't really post it up yet till I get it in a few festivals but I completed my FMP Umbras! yay~

That said it doesn't stop me posting some of the preproduction for it does it?

We started off originally with animals, the main theme being social interactions..
And then it changed, it was set deep in a forest and one of the characters became human
I called him Nic and gave him a pet called Rocco, you can see some of the design work below.

It began to dawn on me here that what I was creating (by myself also) was not only a big task to get Nic's story correct but to also finish to a good standard, despite this I boarded 2 ideas, heres part of the first..

I spoke to a lot of people and we agreed that it was a massive undertaking so I decided to go back to the drawing board and go with KISS. (Keep it simple Stupid) This said I wanted to keep the theme but play on emotions, keeping it simple I wanted to give it depth, and as such I moved toward textured styles. Below is a Gouache, Ink and house paint piece of concept art. Whats more lonely than space?

 < This was the first and probably the purest representation to what I wanted to show, a relationship that could never really succeed in an intimate level, the closest a shadow and the sun can be is acquaintances or a friendly stranger anything more and it could be damaging to both. I wanted the shadow to be eager for company, born from the suns light it's the first thing to looks to for it..
I loved the texture Conte crayon and china markers gave the shadow and thus I tried to emulate that when animating.