Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Happy Easter Hols!

Wow, Its been a while!

So, currently its the Easter holidays (love it!) And while I was adamant that I was going to get buttloads of work done, life didn't agree and I'm stuck back home for a few days. Despite this I've managed to work on my c.v. and actually relax which is nice.

I've also done a few digital paintings, I have posted these on tumblr also under my blog churroturtles. (I like to see this as the place I reblog nice arty stuff that I wish I had thought of haha.)

So since the last update which was purely university work I've had the opportunity to do an outside brief, backgrounds for a pitch to Nickelodeon, what started as 3 turned to 4 but they seemed to go down well, I was working with a friend and classmate, Joe this time.
Who has a really nice style.

Anyway! To finish off have some wips of the current painting
.. Arya from Game of thrones using a nice pencil brush on photoshop.

Have Jack McBrayer as well, also photoshop. I was looking more at emotion and body language here.

I hope you've all enjoyed Easter!