Thursday, 4 April 2013


An artist I greatly admire suggested that to understand how to paint you look at the masters and old works. I do so anyway however its always good to share isn't it! And the best way to understand something is to share it which others so..


An italian painter whom died 1610, he learned his art from Simone Peterzano who learned under Titian,  Caravaggio's work uses Chiaroscuro (emphasis on light and dark) to an almost theatrical extreme and created naturalistic pieces. They also are a good place to start looking!

Just look at that, sheesh. 

This beautiful pofile uses the chiaroscuro previously mentioned, the background denies anything but focus on the subjects, and we can see a natural light hitting the portrayed from the front and above, the softness and light beige, golden colour suggest natural sunlight in a pretty dim room. Possibly from a window or an airy space. Its not bright lighting and as such all the details are still visible which may not. What I find interesting it the colour palettes used looking carefully theres greens oranges and blues  and whites primarily used, with red used to touch up the nose, lips, ears and eyes. I'm assuming that the green is the base,  as many portraits would use this to create a realistic pigmentation to work on.

The details look fluid and effortless and make me very jealous. Care has obviously been taken to soften them as they fade or harden them where focus is needed. His lips puckered in perhaps concern, disagreement or wariness. the darkness is more emphasised to fit the emotion and to the light source. While the wrinkles of his forehead are lighter as they're exposed more to the sunlight than the rest.


I got a ton of written, misc uni work done yesterday, did staff training and then stayed up till 2 drawing a portrait. I'd been browsing some old photos and there was a wedding picture of my mom's parents on their wedding day. They passed away long before I was born and the picture was pretty worn so I decided to try and paint it so my mom could have a bigger less destroyed picture. the first sketch is actually despicable but serves as route guidelines. Painting over the top the last image (thankfully looks nothing like the sketch!) Really got to work on that..

I was a bit unsure whether to actually show my mom, just if I drew her incorrectly (its such an old and small photo!) I'll feel terrible but after getting a second opinion I've left her the above image on the kitchen table. Hopefully she'll like it..


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Happy Easter Hols!

Wow, Its been a while!

So, currently its the Easter holidays (love it!) And while I was adamant that I was going to get buttloads of work done, life didn't agree and I'm stuck back home for a few days. Despite this I've managed to work on my c.v. and actually relax which is nice.

I've also done a few digital paintings, I have posted these on tumblr also under my blog churroturtles. (I like to see this as the place I reblog nice arty stuff that I wish I had thought of haha.)

So since the last update which was purely university work I've had the opportunity to do an outside brief, backgrounds for a pitch to Nickelodeon, what started as 3 turned to 4 but they seemed to go down well, I was working with a friend and classmate, Joe this time.
Who has a really nice style.

Anyway! To finish off have some wips of the current painting
.. Arya from Game of thrones using a nice pencil brush on photoshop.

Have Jack McBrayer as well, also photoshop. I was looking more at emotion and body language here.

I hope you've all enjoyed Easter!