Friday, 18 January 2013

rest of and333

Professional Practice 

For this I created:

This Blog
A website
Updated my showreel
A games Pitch
a 3d animation
Updated my portfolio


After becoming more aware at BAF2012 about networking I decided to create a website so I could direct people who are interested in my work can view it and gain an understanding of what I may be capable of.

After buying a domain name @ Freehosts I contacted a programmer friend who is now programming the website to run for me, as such I've created my backgrounds so that they're animated on nearly every page.

Deciding to go with a simple layout I've set it out like so

Contact Page

The roughs for the website pages can be found on the white board. As I'm still waiting on the programmer to finish the final site.


With this in mind, I've been critical and removed whats letting me down on it.

In addition to what was on previously I've added

Music video excerpts from Level 2
Acting tests from Level 2
Charity commercial from Level 3
Customs House Commission Level 3

I also added a soundtrack I bought for the charity commercial as it hits notes nicely with screen changes.

The finished showreel hits about 1.13 mins which I'm quite happy with :-) And now shows a wider and more polished look of what I'm able to do.

3D Animation

I was very aware that a lot of my work has been 2D which I enjoy anyway but considering todays market primarily creates in 3d I decided to try and create some 3d animation to include in my showreel.

I created a basic movement idea, so the guy runs across the screen, like he's on a morning run, going out of sight theres a pause and slowly he jogs backwards to look at the box, unsure as to why its left he looks round for its owner. Realising there is none he focuses back on the box, debating mentally whats inside.

From here I animated the guy, it was quite a challenge but I picked up on Maya as I went through and figured out some controls I didn't realise existed previously.

As can be seen on the right hand side, bottom panel  I then added the space around him, 5 walls and a floor. Each were rendered as a white lambert and 2 lights were placed within the shot. One the direction he came from and one in the right hand corner of the room as an ambient.

I then moved my perspective to where I wanted the animation to be viewed from and rendered it out as .tga file, re-compositing it in Toonboom.

I chose the angle I did to put focus on the box and how the character responds to it.

Customs House

The Customs house brief was a really great experience and gave me a little bit more understanding of deadlines, I was even animating round BAF! haha worth it though :-) Animation test and drawing can be found on the white board.


For my portfolio I've included more lifedrawing, some from lifedrawing with Joanna Quinn. It can be found here on Carbonmade.