Thursday, 22 November 2012

BAF 2012

We've got to start somewhere! So I'm starting this blog with BAF 2012.

"Whats BAF?!" You cry! "It sounds like the anguished cry of a posh man as he falls in the rain" Fear not, for its the abbreviation of a festival. 'Bradford Animation Festival' Which may I add is a fantastic venue.

BAF was amazing and I'm still reeling from my experience. Now some of you cool kids probably know what BAF involves and are rolling your eyes at my explanations but just so we're all on the same page BAF is talks, events and networking for all us animation involved folk. Thankfully this year I had the pleasure of going again and it did not disappoint. What follows is a brief description of all the magical things I got up to in the festive time!~

Student Selection

Kuhina got mention in this but it scared the bejeebers out of me. Probably its aim thinking back on it...

Professional selection

Oh god, some of the selection were hilarious. Tram and Moxie had to be my favourites in this!

Film for Children

these were all fabulous, my favourite had to be The Little Bird and the Leaf by Lena von Döhren (Switzerland) It was cute, funny and very easy to watch. I can imagine a kid loving it as much as I did! haha

Short Shorts

Pythagosaurus from Aardman and Una Furtiva Lagrima by Calo Vogele (Spain) had to be my favourites from this selection there was some really good work in though! 

LAIKA talk

I think I sat with my mouth open like an idiot through this. Led by Mark Shapiro we got to look at behind the scenes of Coraline and Paranorman. I knew how much work goes into stop motion, having done a project about 2 years ago with the whole armature sha-bang but I always end up being in awe watching the pros do it. (I had to go buy the music they used as well at the end. Its end credits from Coraline far too catchy.) 

D-Neg talk

This was amazing, led by Vanessa Boyce she guided us through the creation of the world of total recall, the amount of green screen was insane and how they worked with the director and problem solved or tackled the shot was very insightful. 

Aardman talk

The Pirate Captain model. Wrestled some big guys out of the way for this! haha

Will Becher was an absolute legend, the talk he did was probably the most indepth I've seen and he even did a live action demo! It was awesome to see the behind the scenes footage and how the did everything. It once again left me open mouth and slightly gormless looking. If he could see me he was probably slightly frightened by my awed staring haha~

Valerie Kausen in talk and documentary

It was a nice experience to see just an in conversation piece, Ms Kausen also is doing some very interesting work at the moment! The documentary was also very insightful needless to say it was cool to see some of the work of chuck jones and what not that she brought for us on the big screen! 

I also took part in Joanna Quinn life-drawing which was an inspiring experience and Ms Quinn was very nice also. I shall probably have to put up some of the drawings later (here or my website depending on how much I like them. ;-) )

Needless to say BAF 2012 and all the speakers has given me some motivation this year! Hopefully soon I shall have my website linked up to this shiny new blog and I can share more stuff with you amazabang homeskillets.