Saturday, 11 March 2017

Stranger Things

Oh man, I thought I posted this up but apparently I hadn't..

I've started watching Stranger Things (and by that I mean I watched all 8 eps in 2 nights and suffered for it.) And its' flipping amazing!!! It actually got me drawing for the joy of it. And I thought, hey why not show you how different it became from my prelim.

Now usually my line-art is poop. 99% of the time is because I do it quickly and I do it rushed. Life as a storyboard artist makes you aware of how precious your drawing time is hah. Usually the longest I spend on a single pose at work is 30 secs, so I wanted to try and chuck that out for a bit.

I like to think it helped, this has to be one of the better drawings I've done in recent months thought my colour choosing ability is still as helpful as safety scissors but oh well.


My friend Megan has the coolest coats.

On another note how is it 2017!?

Friday, 16 September 2016

Sketch Dump

Because sometimes I draw things other than work things and sometimes I even like them a bit. 
Everything except Chip and Dale (c) CSalkeld2016

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Moon Animate! Make up 2 (WIP)

Moon Animate Makeup  2 

I was very excited to take part in the 2nd Moon Animate Makeup a while ago! I wish I'd been a bit more adventurous but considering I hadn't animated for a while it was nice to do something little but cleaned up. :)  Anyways,  you can see the process here..

You can see the full thing here, Enjoy!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Pigtails and Scavenger hunts

I forgot I was dressed like a 12 year old today to do my groceries.  Took me a moment to realise why I was being stared at (and being banged at through a shop window but whatever) 

Anyway! Update!  :- D I'm no longer a trainee at work! I'm also constantly tired recently. Thus.. less posts. But, you know I love you all regardless right? Sure you do.

In the space of time I didn't blog I did my usual things. Getting lost on public transport, trying to scavenger hunt art down in a crazy Global scavenger hunt. Overdose on coffee at London Bridge station, the usual.

Sadly I didn't manage to get an art piece, although I tragically managed to get there just as they were picking it up.  (The second time I ran past the hiding spot, the sky weeped for me.)

So! It was V for Vendetta, I'd been refreshing the Hunt page occasionally when I was waiting for my computer to save stuff. Suddenly! The hint for the hunt was up.

I fled work after panicking and working out where it was with fellow storyboarder Chess (with permission of course, my producer is mint) Legging it onto a tube to St Bartholomew's.

As I got there, there was a guy stood in the entrance of the little church parcel in hand. I didn't want to stare to much...I probably did though


In seriousness I really enjoyed partaking, I had a chat with the gentleman who had found the art and congratulated him before heading back to work as it if I hadn't ran across North London like a crazy person. It was great.

But to commemorate the fun I did draw myself a consolation doodle so I wouldn't forget my adventure (because I was running around London at like 10pm a few nights later for the same cause like the rebel I am.)

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Knock Knock

So! Recently I was asked to do some illustration work for a friend. Where I was born has a beautiful cathedral, and with that comes the sanctuary knocker. As the name suggests, any one who knocked on the cathedral door and claimed sanctuary would be allowed into the wall and to safety.  Its beautiful but a bit creepy. As a kid I always thought if it ever were to be a real head it would of eaten me in a second.  

This is what I was asked to create, finishing off the edging it occurred to me it would make an amazing creature.

So I figured why not right? Already illustrated it once, why not try and base a character off it?
I've posted the process below. 

Rough Clean ups
Colour base

Cleanup Last round

Final Colour

To be honest the 3rd version is probably my favourite, Just because it's probably the clearest, but! This is what this is about, just gotta push things and pull them back when you can..

Anways! I love the oxidisation of the metals on the original, so that stayed with but I've kept it very loosely based, blockier I guess, because it feels like it would be a heavy creature.

Till next time!